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Vera Giles- Norris




[email protected] Host of the KATS OUT Show Every Wednesday @7:00 CST 🍎You can count the seeds in the Apple 🖤but not the Apples in the seed 🌱🌱 111 :11:11 Saving Missing & Exploited Women and Children one soul at a time from human trafficking through 🥾 Boots on the ground ( Search 🔦) 🖥 activism ( media and awareness) Education ( Work shops & seminars) 𝗧𝗵𝗲 LIFE 𝗘𝗺𝗽𝗼𝘄𝗲𝗿𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗖𝗼𝗮𝗰𝗵⁣⁣ ☄️ I am a Les Brown Prodigy Expert Storyteller Purpose Speaker🔈 Connect to your highest self on purpose and with purpose!! ⁣⁣ I Am the Master Connector. 💥My Superpower is helping women and children connect to their power zone & gain the confidence needed to soar to higher levels, by breaking through the glass ceiling and removing the blockers. Empowering women through: - 📌Elevation, - 📌Education - 📌Expansion. 🚨Elevation helps women in downtrodden situations, such as sex trafficking, domestic violence, bulling, missing women -children, and child endangerment, elevate themselves to a new level of vibration including self-worth, self-confidence, self-empowerment. 🔌 Education with helping women to reconnect with themselves and find their power voice so that they can then connect with their partners and others. Expansion is mentoring re-empowered women to expand their spiritual, physical and financial presence and purpose in their lives. ☄️I AM A Master Moderator ☄️I AM The  MASTER CONNECTION GODDESS!⁣⁣ 🔌 I’m here to connect with the Few Many are called but Few are Chosen ⁣⁣ You’re just one person away from your biggest breakthrough: 𝗜 𝗔𝗠 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗰𝘁! 😉⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ______________________________________⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 👑CEO of The KATS OUT Show - podcast ⁣⁣✍🏽Life Insurance Agent ⁣⁣ 👑 Founder of The KATS OUT Foundation (501c3)⁣⁣ Women’s Empowerment Organization also helping advocate for:⁣⁣ 1. Missing Persons awareness ⁣⁣ 2. Child endangerment  prevention ⁣⁣ 3. Sex Trafficking Prevention ⁣⁣ 4. Bullying Awareness/Prevention ⁣⁣ 5. Domestic Violence ⁣⁣ Facebook Group ,IG Page,& YouTube “Missing Please Come Home Global Alert”⁣⁣ Follow the Movement: 888-788-1578⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ For Donations or to Offer Support:⁣⁣ ✅ Cash App: $thekatsout ✅⁣⁣ ✅ Visit⁣⁣ ______________________________________⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Connect or collab?⁣⁣ 📧[email protected]⁣⁣ 📞 872-267-0113⁣⁣ 👩🏾‍💻⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 𝗝𝗢𝗜𝗡 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗖𝗟𝗨𝗕𝗦:⁣⁣ 🔥The KATS OUT Show⁣⁣ 🔥Missing Please Come Home Global Alert⁣⁣ 🏆Wise Women Winning ⁣⁣