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Join the MultiFi community- Underwriting Masterclass: Free Facebook Group- Mastering Multifamily with Veena Jetti 💥NEW DEAL! 💥 Invest with me. Last Exit Passive Investor Returns- Hold Period: 19months Equity Multiple: 1.8x AAR: 50.3% IRR: 45%+ <NEW DEAL> NC/GA | 494 Units | Class B | Value Add | 1.5-1.7x EM Details in our portal: JOIN MY FREE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY TO LEARN ABOUT MULTIFAMILY: Mastering Multifamily with Veena Jetti on Facebook Large Multifamily Investor | Passive Income | $800MM+ Portfolio Transactions | | Private Equity Fund Manager (specializing in retail capital) | Forbes Contributor | 🚺 Founder | Investor | Physician spouse ❤️ | Twin Mom | Philanthropist Vive Funds helps high income/high net worth investors gain passive income by creating unique opportunities garnering double digit returns through value add multifamily assets. We work with institutional funds, high net worth investors, family offices, etc. We use Nic McGrue @nicmcgrue from Polymath Legal for our SEC and syndication work. Interests: 🍺 Craft Beer 🍴Foodie 👜 Chanel ✈️ Travel 🎶 Karaoke Connect with me! [Nothing said or in my profile is an offering to buy a security. All verbal and written communications are for educational purposes only. An offering to buy/sell securities will only be made through a formal PPM mutually accepted by both parties. Due to the nature of high risk in these types of investments, we only accept accredited investors and we encourage you to discuss if these are a suitable fit for your portfolio with your own attorneys, tax professionals, and business advisors.]