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Varsha Peiris




Over a decade in the bullion industry working with leading refiners globally, ensuring the quality and integrity of the market is maintained. Including Responsible Sourcing business practices are continuously improved. Content creator for small businesses, creating blogs and social media posts. Start-up business creating photo collages. Favourite quote that explains why I love recreating experiences and emotions - “We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” @picandmixcollage Also, I have an affiliated online travel company, Global Holiday Escapes. The gift of travel, giving people the opportunity to explore what the world has to offer, go on adventures and have new experiences. I am an independent mum, finding my way and showing up for myself and my boy as my best self. I’ve embarked on a plant based journey since 2020, albeit the odd bit of cheese 🙊. I am a work in progress. A few things I love… ☕️Starbucks coffee 💃🏽Dancing 📚Reading - self development, fiction 🖊Creative writing - blogs 🇬🇧 London ☀️Anywhere hot