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Admin 👩🏽‍💻 Womxn In Business Club @Clubhouse | Close to 400k Members | Community Manager @Shopify | Content CURATOR & Brand Strategist | Professional Social Media Geekazoid | Automator | Cunning Linguist | Master Manifester | Crypto Addict | Clubhouse Icon: BlacksGirlsTalk Member #410 Former & Current clients: Etsy | Daymond John | Catherine Zeta Jones | Yvonne Orji | Allure Magazine | Colgate- Palmolive | L’Oreal | Byte Dance ✨What I do?✨ Professionally: I help famous people do stuff on social media. Founder of E11ev8 Media. Celebrity, Brand & Influencer Social Media Manager, bringing digital strategies to the forefront of the entertainment industry. ✨What I enjoy?✨ Curating events that provide space for creativity, spiritual freedom, high vibrations, and empower collective manifestation. Meta: Member - WeTheCulture Forbes: Member - ForbesBLK ByteDance (TIKTOK): Advisor - Creator Council Shopify: Advisor - Build Black Commercially: E-commerce Stores, Social Media Pages, Brand Strategy, Executive Search & Reverse Recruitment Passionately: Impactful imaging and branding that connects to your WHY! About me: 🇩🇴 Born In Platano Land DR 🌇 Brooklyn Bred 🏡 Rooted in Atlanta ✊🏾🖤 ✈️ Destressing in Orlando Life giver of 2 🤱🏽 Ageless 🕰 Gypsy 🔮 Spiritually Gifted 🧚🏽‍♀️ Out of the Box Thinker 📦