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Vanessa Saracino




💎 “True Beauty Emanates Radiance Far Greater Than Diamonds” Entrepreneur Be•You•tiful founder Designer & Spokesperson Mother of one beautiful girl standing in my truth letting God direct my steps. Powerhouse in my own right rising from the ashes of divorce. CEO of my life determined to build the castle bigger and better than before and this time choosing who gets to live in it 🙌 Fashion designer turned entrepreneur growing in the true gifts God gave me Owner and Designer of an exclusive fashion forward Christian T-Shirt line for women to include divine inspiration and biblical scripture to be sold exclusively online Creating a challenge and a membership site to help love and nurture women to be all God has called them to be after the trauma of divorce through Inspiration.Fashion.Faith ✍️ 3X #1 International Best Selling Author 🌸Founder of Be•You•tiful An amazing Christian T-Shirt Lifestyle Brand and Movement 👩‍👧Mother of a beautiful teenage girl 🙏Woman of God 👩‍🎨Graduate or Fashion Institute of Technology 👗Fashion Designer NYC ( Kikomo, Ltd, Gloria Vanderbilt, Bill Blass) Turned a small $8M division of Bill Blass to $32M in 14 months 🌍World Traveler (Dubai, India, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Paris, London) 👩‍💼Owner CIANO CONSULTING INC - clients included Ralph Lauren, Rebecca Taylor, Elie Tahari, Speigel/Newport News, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Bill Blass, Gloria Vanderbilt And finally…… a soldier of Love ❤️ 💕 This is be•You•tiful! And so are you!🌸