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Vanessa Davis




Identity & Emotional Freedom Coach I help women identify & breakdown the “Head 2 Heart” barriers that keep them stuck, shrinking, and sick. As a result, women go forward with clarity, confirmation, & confidence in their Identity, Purpose & Health. Why Am I on Clubhouse CONNECT, LEARN, & ADD VALUE as an ENERGY GIVER vs ENERGY TAKER Who Am I I am a spiritual being uniquely handcrafted & chosen by God to be loved & accepted as His beloved daughter through Jesus Christ. I am having a human experience radiating His love and acceptance as an intuitively creative, passionate, enthusiastic, fun & loving 5’ 1” black female. That’s WHO shows up in all my roles. A Few Of My Roles In 💍Wife🔥 ⭐️Mother of 4⭐️ 💥Glam-ma of 5💥 🗃Certified EFT Practitioner🧩 🎬Actress🎥 🎤Transformational Storytelling Speaker 👩🏽‍⚕️Registered Nurse (Dialysis)🩺 👑The HHD RN Queen V👑 In the end...I am all about FREEDOM and serve as a voice of TRUTH & INSPIRATION that brings about REVELATION with tips & tools for APPLICATION which leads to TRANSFORMATION with GRACE Spirit, Soul & Body...All for the GLORY OF GOD!🙌🏽 ❤️Feel free to DM me to connect & schedule a 30 min complimentary Zoom call❤️