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Valerie Robert




✨GenZ founder of Tech for the People an online editorial and community 🚀Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Tech for the People 💡Our goal is to highlight how interdisciplinary technology (healthtech,agetech,greentech,Femtech,civicTech,etc.) is being used for socialgood 🤝If you have a startup/organization that is actively using or creating technology to create a more equitable society, let’s partner up ! Email us at [email protected] About me 🙋🏾‍♀️ 📚Computer Science and Political Science (concentration in Public Policy) @ Northeastern University ‘23 🔎Interested in leadership, entrepreneurship, AI, product management technology 💻 🗣Polyglot: English, French 🇫🇷, Haitian Kreole🇭🇹 , German🇩🇪 — Contact us : DM us @tech4thepeople on Insta 💻 📲Instagram: @Valerie.Robert 🔗LinkedIn: @Valerie Robert