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💎I help you by providing simple skincare tips to take better care of their skin. You will feel more confident with healthy, glowing skin. ⭐️ Your Skincare Bestie Giving you skincare tips w/ HUGGS & KISS Helping U Get Glowing Skin w/ Keeping It Simple Skincare ⭐️’It’s a privilege to age, but we don’t have to let our skin show our aging process’ ⭐️Easy, effective skincare routine 🌟I’m here to connect & make friends 💗 let’s see how I can help you ———————————————- ⚡️Do you feel like you spend hundreds of dollars💵on skincare that actually doesn’t give you the results you want? ⚡️Is the regiman super complicated? ⚡️DM me ‘Skin’ on IG to talk about your concerns & recommendations for your skincare routine. Get the results you want, not complicated & you don’t have to waste hundreds of dollars testing products💗 ⭐️WHO AM I? Single mom of 2 amazing adult sons👩‍👦‍👦 🤗Your Skincare Bestie ❤️romantic, 🤗Helping others to have a Plan B with a FREE business opportunity 🐶Dog Lover❤️Adopt don’t shop 🤗Kindness,Love & Compassion The Power of Mindset 🏃‍♀️Power Walking Reformer Pilates & regular Pilates 💜Testicular Cancer Awareness Advocate 💚Mental Health Awareness Advocate 💃Pro-aging activist for Women over 50 #WIB40CH 🇺🇸🗽 📍New York 📍Miami 📍Houston 📍Los Angeles ⭐️❤️🌈🔥 If anything on my profile resonates with you - let’s connect & be friends!! ⭐️👀Currently looking for individuals that are looking for a side business that wants to join me and my incredible team lead by Ian Ziering . I’m sharing this FREE opportunity for a financial source of income so no one is ever dependent on anyone else or end up with nothing like I did after my divorce. 😂Fun fact: I was on an infomercial for a cosmetics company for 5+ years that ran 24/7 on cable channels. Had no idea that was going to happen until I was flipping thru tv channels and saw it😂 811376 GRAB MY FREE TIPS TO GLOWING SKIN OVER ON IG & LET’S CONNECT ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️