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🎯Here for fun, networking, giving, learning, collaboration x high vibrations ✨ Pronounced “Val-Dee-Vee-EHz” You can call me V, Val, or Vallie. 😎 ✨ ♐️ Multifaceted Artist🎶👩🏽‍🎨💃🏽 •Singer-Songwriter 🎤 •Visual Artist 🎨 •Creative Director 💡 •Consultant ℹ️ •Artreprenuer|Entrepreneur 🧠 🖇 •Philomath | Autodidact 📚 •Wholistic Wellness x Mental •Health Advocate ❤️ •Herbalist 🌱 Herbal remedies, Sea Moss gel + infusions on deck Vallie World 🌎 is my collective brand that houses all my artistic/entrepreneurial endeavors *Biz websites under construction* Other areas of interest: -Cannabis industry 🌳 -Acting (Film, TV x Theater/Musical Theater) 🎭 -Crypto currency 🤑 -Self proclaimed Chef👩🏽‍🍳 -Writing ✍🏾 -Underserved Underprivileged Youth mentorship 👧🏾🧒🏿👶🏽 -Phliantrophy ❤️ -Real Estate 🏡 -Travel ✈️ 🌍 🧳 ▶️I love conversing x collaborating with like minded people as well as people who can offer a different perspective. I believe you can learn something from everyone you encounter. Lessons x Blessings Live. Love. Learn. Grow✨❤️🌱 *God is within her, she will not fail!* 🙏🏽 📍DC Metropolitan area |DMV| 📍San Antonio, Texas I travel ✈️🧳