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Halmurat Harri Uyghur




Harri: Hyvinkäällä asuva suomea puhuva uiguuri mies, joka harrastaa stand-uppia. Uyghur/維吾爾, christian/基督徒, public figure, son of concentration camp survivors, Dr. , blogger & human rights activist. “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1Peter5:7 Born in Turpan/吐魯番 Xinjiang/新疆, based in Finland /芬蘭🇫🇮 Founder of #MeTooUyghur/#我也是維吾爾 movement, Uyghur Testimony Video campaign and FreedomTour campaign, “Uyghur Therapy Hotline”/ 維吾爾心理諮詢熱線 Media coverage: NYT, WSJ, AP, DW, BBC, TRT, YLE, France24, NHK, Helsinki Sanomat, Bloomberg, ABC, VOA, RFA, euro news and more than 600 other media outlets, in 32 different languages. DNA 🧬: 51% Central Asian/中亞🇰🇿, 14.9% Swedish/瑞典🇸🇪, 28.8% Mongol/蒙古🇲🇳 and rest are mixture of Anatolian🇹🇷, Ural🇷🇺 and Ashkenazic Jew 🇮🇱. Speak: #Uyghur🇰🇿, #Suomi🇫🇮, #English🇺🇸, #Türkçe🇹🇷, #中文🇹🇼 Travelled ✈️ 25 countries, favorites of all are Iceland 🇮🇸 , Israel 🇮🇱 , Japan 🇯🇵 and Thailand 🇹🇭 . The dream destinations for my future travels are Taiwan 🇹🇼, Mongolia 🇲🇳, Uruguay 🇺🇾, Nigeria 🇳🇬, Canada 🇨🇦 and beyond 🥰 He/him Sport: Hiking, Cross Country Skiing, Swimming Books: Novels, Philosophy, Political Science, History, Religion Films: Sci-fi, 武俠, Family, Anime, Romance, Fantasy Blood donation 🩸: Donated 21 times in 🇨🇳 Donated 1 time in 🇹🇭 Donated 10 times in 🇫🇮 NWM university 🇨🇳(Bachelor) Payap university 🇹🇭(Masters) Tampere university 🇫🇮(MD) Manager of HYAK center, Hyvinkää Former CEO of Leikkiland Ltd. Manager of MiniMall, Hyvinkää President of UyghurAid, NGO 📣 Contribution to the clubhouse: Wednesday at 9 am CET (00.00pm PT) “Let’s talk about Uyghurs” Currently reading 📖: Keep you close Favorite drink 🥃: single malt For more about me, please Google: Halmurat Harri Uyghur or Murat Harri Uyghur or Harri Uyghur or Halmurat Harri or #我也是維吾爾 or #MeTooUyghur