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🖤👳🏾‍♀️I'm an avid music lover notably PRINCE! •Events•Fashion•Traveling• Concerts•Podcasts•Floral Designer• Visual Merchandiser Interior Design| Professional Organizer| Animal Whisperer| vegetarian| Event Producer| The Black Macgyver| If I'm following you it means I want to learn and listen Topics of Interest: 💰 Finance and Business |Stock Bitcoin novice 🔭 NASA star gazing 🥘 Foodie 🍦Haagen-Dazs/Illaboratorrio Gelato 🍍 Fruit Photography 📜 Calligraphy,fonts cards 💀 Oddities 👘 Vintage Fashion 🎼 Music is my Life 🐶🦜 Animals 🤫 Meditation 🎬 Costume Designers 🌧 Pluviophile 🧠 Authentic connections 🔮 O+> PRINCE Oh,and Prince O+>