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🇺🇸Philosopher | Think Tank Owner| Master Wayshower| Smart City Creator| Ask Me About My Trip to Kenya 🇰🇪 🍏 About Me: A Thought Visionary for more than 25 years, I’m a Wayshower of a learning philosophy known as “The Indigo Approach” that promotes freedom of thought, strengthening of the nuclear families, business expansion and connectivity to community. I’m the Founder of uThinkIndigo, a Global Think Tank. 🏹 What I Do: I established uThinkIndigo to be a safe place for the intuitively and intellectually gifted. We attract Freethinkers who seek to bring forth innovative initiatives and launch entrepreneurial ventures that elevate the planet. In addition to enlightening the world via “The Indigo Approach”, I have coined a technique called “Probability Gridding” that can provide leaders with profound insight in their professional endeavors. 📚Let’s Grow Together…. Back Channel me directly to learn more about my work or set up an appointment with my team at [email protected] to set an appointment. 🔎 Inviting… Corporate Sponsors and Travel Partners for global initiatives launch by our think tank. Note: Please avoid emailing me with promotions before first meeting me. I will block you as SPAM and unsubscribe 🌹.