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Markus Holzhauer




HUMAN (I pray for the people of Ukraine and for the Russians and Iranians protesting) USGerman 🇺🇸 „ ….a strong person does not seek revenge but moves on and let’s Karma do the inevitable ….“ 🎯My vision is to create momentum for the idea to invest in TRUST and increase COMMON sense. (As one possible remedy for the issues of capitalism and democracy we all face) 4 little y tubes explaining the idea; (Just search in y Tube and Videos will show up) / my trustos ID ; Mar2134 Club-HOUSE; The power of TRUST Every Sunday at 11:00 AM EST (USA) or by announcement infos on and on 📒 „the power of Trust“ 🙏 Medium; Can an algorithm for trust strengthen democracy ? (and capitalism) : PHYSICIAN 👨‍⚕️ (Radiologist/Breast imager) / interested in making health care more accessible YouTube: “Brustkrebsfrueherkennung mit gesundem Menschenverstand” ENTREPRENEUR; / www.mammocoach.COM Other interest : US German Relationships (living since 2000 in the US)🌎 Club:”Die Transatlantikluecke” Stand up comedy 🤣 Club: “Magic of Improv” ________________________________ DISCLAIMER; if I pop in and out a room - that is NOT a sign of disrespect - I am often busy I block only temporarily people who approach me with „hallo dear …hallo Markus etc“ not because I have a problem with these people - but because it obstructs my „contact requests“ and it is a strange behavior …. 📧[email protected]