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Mike Gatty




LGBTQ+ National event photographer, experiential photo marketing, green screen photography. Host of local arts & activist podcast. (He/him.) Travel (before COVID) more than 200 nights a year in US, fly about 80 flights a year. Photo clients include large national firms, broadcasting networks, and the Travel and Adventure Show series. Broadcast firms from NBC to HBO. Series work from Will & Grace to Game of Thrones to GOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL! (World Cup, in case you missed that.). Don’t be impressed. My work is on the marketing of these shows through experiential photography at events. It sounds way more glamorous than it is. But I love it. And I get to travel. And tell big wigs to straighten their tie and slick down their hair and - oh— WAIT! what is THAT in your teeth?! My bad, you’re ok, Mr. President. But hit your mark, please. Yeah, there. The “x” on the floor. Now smile! That’s where your lips go up.