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Uriel Riley




🎶16,308🌱🌍 Yes🪄 My birth name is Uriel. 🎼 Till All is 1🎼 🌻Solutionist🪷 🌟I am EHEIEH 🌞*MASTER THY SELF* *HEAL THY SELF* ✨Father to a daughter ✨🎧 Master listener ✅ ✨Master Fitness trainer and Yoga (Prana Yama) (Trained Professional athletes on 3 continents) ✨#Urhealing ✨Master of 322 ✍🏾 Poet "As I elevate so does the sky"🌀🔄 ☯️Indigenous 🌟 Divine 🦄 💜Highest heart love💜 Author of "*THE COLOR OF MY SKY IS BLACK" 🖤 💎M7 👑Uriel N. Riley 🐅🦅 🏵️💚Unduplicatable☀️🪐🛞🙏🏾 I'm my example🌊 I live my Life 🤩 heterosexual male.👑👁️❤️‍🔥👁️