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Recruiting & Building “GRN-GEN” ThinkTank For Economic Models, New Rebalance, Finance Vehicles, Equity, Communication Modalities & Strategies, Policy Recommendations: For The New 🌱 Economy HERE. Community Economic Development, Policy & Finance: Equity, Circular ReGEN~Investment, Cooperatives, Legacy Re~Investments Accelerator(s) Green~Blue Finance & Tech Founder To Scale, Looking For Intermediaries For Extending Resources “In The Gaps!” Co-Conceptualizing & Co-Building Green & Ocean Trust ~ To Project(s), Interconnecting & Strengthening Networks, Expand Circular GENSYS, Cooperative Collective Financing Concepts For New Securities For Cultural & Productive Capacity New Eco & People Centered Economic Models: Communications New Economy Paradigm-Shifting: Intention 1st: Rebalance Yin/Yang Energy & To Earth & People Sovereignty & Connection, Cooperation = Unity Believe My / We / Our “InterBeing” is Becoming & Forming With Us & We! ☀️ Respect For The Elders, The People, Keepers Of Medicine & Language, Ancestors & All Of The Brother Sister Nations Of Spirit While Currently A Visitor On Pomo Sovereign Holy Land ⛰ Learner & Creator ☀️ Empath With Compassion 🌼 Healer 🌻 EcoFirst Equity 🌍 For Of & By Nature+The People Worldwide Creator In All Things & Every One ☝️ Work in Support of Community “The Healing Community” “Families Creating Together” RevolutionaryLOVE 💛 AGAPE ReGENERATIVE CULTURE LOVE Builder Of Communities, ReCreator of Our Commons, Intergenerational Sovereign Equity Circular Investment ReGEN New Finance & Economic Priorities Through Policy & Financial Intermediaries & New Financial Tools & Vehicles: Focusing On Bridge Funding, Uplifting Technologies & Financing For Long Term Extending Potentials Well Beyond Incubation Or VC Or Start Up Or First Cycle Funding For Models Which Must Be Sustained : : : Sourcing For Inter-GENerational: Legacy of Language & Medicine Plants & Eco’Nations & Great Grandchildren’s Holders & Keepers Of Our Collective Light, Giving’ & Creative Life Force Chi Intermediary of Monetary Flows for REFocus Of Intention, EconJustice ☀️ Community Economic 🌱 E=$ Our New HumanCmntyEcoJistice Investment In Energetic Creativity Commons, MegaSpirit, “New-Work”! I eye ~Imagine Dream See > New ♒️ Devine Tools 🎺The People’s & Eco Economy NOW ~ Circle Flow GEN 🦋🦎🐇🐝🐋 Here US NOW Conceive ~Believe ~ Achieve It’s Coming 🌱> We Here! NOW! 🌳 EMAIL: [email protected]