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CryptoRug class of 2017 If it divides the people it’s designed to control/manipula people. I’m Pro-Freedom. Blockchain + Education = Better Future Blockchain - Education = Serfdom In an emojishell: 🏡+👤=💚 Matching Homes To Humans in S. Florida🌴RE Pro. 👩🏽‍🦳SilverHair Rocks⚡️ 🌏✈️ ☕️💗 🏳️‍🌈☑️ 👫⚖️=🌎☮️ 🚫🐗💩 🗣🇧🇷 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 🇺🇸 Crypto Pills 💊❤️ I Believe: * In Questioning what/why we believe. * We are able to Update Our Operating Systems (minds). * We cannot solve problems using the same mindset that created them. * We are capable of much much more than we have been “programed to believe” * Balance is required for homeostasis. Humanity is exceedingly imbalanced (Patriarchal). * We have seen technology solve and exacerbate many of these imbalances, for humanity to thrive, our most pivotal and urgent focus needs to be to return to balance. (Yin/Yang) Former National Hang Gliding Champion (In Brazil, many moons ago when it was much cooler). I learned from Flying: * Whatever we focus is on where we land. This applies to life. * Once a problem is identified, immediately shift the focus to the solution. * After a “Down-Cycle” Comes an “Up-Cycle” if we persevere - (sometimes longer than we think we can). Certified: * Natural Health Practitioner & Educator. * Nutrition Educator - Bauman College. * Diet Counselor - Bauman College. * Hypnotherapist. * PSYCH-K practitioner (OS Updating). * Aromatherapist. * Reiki Master. * Shiatsu. * Polarity Therapy. * Thai Massage. * Swedish Massage. * Lymphatic massage. Former Instructor: * Advanced Massage (Somatic cellular Re-Programming) * Structural Kinesiology - UCSC * Communications and Ethics (For Holistic Health Program) - UCSC. Other Stuff i’ve done: Business Development for Satellite CoWorking Spaces. Santa Cruz, Los Gatos, Sunnyvale, CA One of the original “NextSpacer’s” in Santa Cruz, CA. Organization of World Hang Gliding Championships in Brazil and USA. Hang Gliding Tours in Brazil. Group Coordinator in Brazil & USA. What I am doing now: Matching Humans to Homes on So. Florida. Licensed Realtor. Sales, Purchases & Rentals. Investment Properties. AirBnB managment I 💗 collaborating! If you’d Like to Colab on the Book “Updating Your Operating System, new paradigms for the survival of humanity” ping me. Nothing I say is medical, financial or any sort of advise, just my personal experiences.