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🎓Howard Grad Alumna || MSW Social Worker/CAPMH || 🗣🏛Advocate for Mental Health/Healthy Relationships || BA Psychology/ Substance Abuse|| Relationship Coach || Inspirational Speaker🎙When Melanie Speaks ™️|| Author ✨God is the Foundation in everything I do ✨ 👩🏽‍💼Certified Marriage/Relationships Coach my purpose is to be a bridge for couples/individuals to come together to get a mutual resolution for their relationships to move forward. 💡Disclaimer 🎯NO THERAPY on Clubhouse. Coaches don’t solve problems but will guide you in finding solutions 🫂 ✅ New Book Alert 🚨 “God, I Need Help With This Love Thang”. Love can be challenging especially, if you are following the ways of the world. However, with God, He gives us the blueprint to this “Love Thang”. Get ready to awaken your mind and heart as Author Melanie Reid takes you on a journey uncovering truths and catapulted you into success in love. Pre-orders available at📕 “God I Need Help With This Love Thang” ✳️Founder/Host 🏠”Christian Dating Cafe” every Saturday at 9pm EST. Everyone is welcomed. We have great topics, amazing moderators and guest speakers💞💞💞You can follow the 🏠by clicking the first club at the 👇🏽bottom of my profile. 💞💞💞 *Need Assistance* 24/7 National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255 (dial 988) Mental health & Substance Abuse 1-809-487-4889 ABOUT ME: ✨Woman of faith🙏🏾 ✝️Single w/intentions, I ❤️ 2 🎙poetry 📝📚🛍🛩🐎🏍F1🏎👠🎫🎟🏌🏽‍♀️💃🏽🤣🥂🎼🏖🍫📸 Why Am I here ✳️Moderate Rooms 🤝Collaborations are welcomed Connect people to the missing 🧩 Talk relationships 🫂 Network🪢 Politics Learning to play🏌🏽‍♀️ Poetry ✍🏽 F1 and NASCAR racing Learn/Teach/Advice/Grow 📍D(M)V Connect 👇🏾 Book a time for Relationship Coaching in the Instagram link @whenmelaniespeaks™️ Email:[email protected] Website:https//