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Passion Creativity Joy Curiosity D.M.S.R. Optimism Grace Liberation Wanderlust 💖Mastering the Art of following my Heart.💖 ✳️ Founder of The Honeybee’s Hive 🍯 ✳️ This World is Such a Marvel - Council Member ✳️ Host of Cosplay, Cons & Creativity each Monday at 5:30pm ET ✨♏️♍️♊️✨4/6 Emotional Projector✨INFP✨ 𓂀 Divinely protected in all ways, always. 𓂀 🌻“When the flower blooms, the bees come uninvited.” — Sri Ramakrishna 🐝 📍Brooklyn, NY [via DTLA / ATL / DMV / STL]