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NDEr, Culture Vulture, The #Bardo Surfer, Death Midwifery, Consciousness is Easy, It is Science that is Hard Your Prebirth Blue Print. Mind over Matter, Not Matter Over Mind. Some of my time was spent as Sn. SathyaVrath with Satyananda and Others of Bihar School in Munger and other strange schools that I was sent to, or found myself in. Never given a Tibet Buddhist name during the time near and around Thiksey Monastery in Leh, I was simply referred to as #Nagarjuna. Subsequently interacted with a Bon Teacher in Gasa Dzong in Upper #Bhutan and then with Mad men and women in China, Japan and one in Thailand/Vietnam. Verbal communication was almost non existent, but the laws of physics became suspect and nebulous during those halcyon days, Never a Student nor a Teacher. I do not hold any attachment to those past names or identifications nor hold any attachment to this name either. Follow my Instagram page and then Link Tree to Learn More. The Book: "Your Mind At Siege - Exploring the Conundrum of Consciousness, AI, through the Lens of the Diamond Sutra" - Paperback Hardcase (Collector's Edition) [[ Personalised note with Autograph in Reading Room India Only ]]. Paper Back Amazon (India): Amazon will open up your country page to buy the paperback. The collector's edition is not available outside India. If you work with me on certain aspects and to have a 1:1 or a Podcast/Webinar, please use the Calendar on my Instagram or DM.