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*Will Biden Economic Sanctions affect Russia* ❓ *President Tsai Ing-wen : The Beacon of Democracy in South China Sea* The Iron Lady of South China sea has demonstrated her resolve to stand against Chinese Neo Imperialism & Colonialism in the Indo Pacific. CHINGARI: A Global Campaign for Hindu, Sikh Girls Abducted in Sindhudesh (Pakistan) Did You Know according to The Movement of Solidarity and Peace, each year around 1000 Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Budhist, Jains are converted into ISLAM each year Will China Unleash Biowarfare 2.0 before 2024 Indian Parliamentary Elections ? Is Belligerent Expansionist China preparing for Showdown at Himalayas & South China Sea ? Seems that grouping of democracies in *FREE & OPEN INDO PACIFIC* will resist the expansionist Chinese Flagship *BELT & ROAD INITIATIVE* ~ _*UMESH AGARWAL*_