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Kelly Falardeau, the BestSelling Author Strategist. I can show you how to become a Best-Selling Author and make a 6-figure income and massive impact. Who am I: πŸ–Ό nft artist πŸ–‹ 7x Best-Selling Author πŸ“’ TEDx Speaker 🎀 Award-Winning Virtual Speaker πŸ“– Best-Selling Author Coach 🎧 Awesome Podcast Guest πŸ† YWCA Woman of Distinction 🎬 Documentary Producer πŸ“Ί GlobalTV named me β€œMost Inspirational Person in Alberta 2020” How I help: βœ… I help entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and aspiring authors write, publish and launch their books βœ… I serve aspiring authors who want to make an impact and income βœ… I serve entrepreneurs who want to gain credibility and expert authority with their books βœ… I create book launch campaigns that make my clients Best-Selling Authors βœ… I train my clients to solve the mystery of becoming a best-selling author. Click the bell beside my name and choose ALWAYS to get notified when I start rooms πŸ”” Check out my website and download my free ebook πŸ‘‡ Paypal: [email protected] Sending you hugs and appreciation -- Check out my TEDx talk at: Goalcast video with over 10 million views: