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Deena Kordt




😃 Hi! Thnx for stopping by 🤩 Since you’re curious, here’s a bit about me: • I’m a 🇨🇦 country girl 🤠 with a rock’n roll ❤️ • Everyone calls me ‘Sunshine’ ☀️ • 💝 I'm very happily partnered 🥰 • Finding silver linings is my superpower ✨ • I’m a blogger & writer ✍️ building a community of AmAzing women 💃 - and we need YOU! 😃 👸 Like most women, I fill many roles > Daughter, Sister, Partner, Mother, Oma, Step-Mom, Friend, Baker, + Blogger, Writer & more! 🤔 Why a Blog? Here's more about my WHY.. Find Her! Where’s that little girl inside you? Remember her? She is full of curiosity, wonder, excitement, awe, imagination, giggles and joy! She is courageous and resilient, eager to explore & learn. And she’s ok with doing something a little scary, a little out-of-the-box; blazing new trails that may or may not go as expected, speaking her mind and asking for what she wants. That’s what my blog is all about. It’s for you & I to start some conversations about real life; sometimes sad, sometimes funny and often curious; exploring topics together that we encounter and helping tap into that little girl’s approach to life that we’ve lost touch with. I can’t wait to get to know you better as we travel this highway called ‘life’ with it’s adventures and challenges, bumps and detours, scenery and clouds. We will share some laughter and tears (maybe at the same time, if the joke or story is just that good!) But we’re going to do this TOGETHER and that’s all that matters. Knowing our sisters have our back. No judgement. And that means no judging ourselves either! We’re all just trying to do our best. So give yourself a break. No guilt. Find that little girl and let her come out to play! 👉 Go check out the blog now!!