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Myra Ann Elizabeth Uber




✨24 Hour Women’s Abuse Awareness Summit ✨ | March 31st Speaker 🎙 on the first ever “Women’s Abuse Awareness: Breaking the Chains” on Clubhouse 💕 Building uberFABulous Futures | Inspiring Vibrant Lives 💕 📍Raleigh, NC 📱 Lifestyle Entrepreneur 📲 Social Media Management Agency 📚 Author 🏡 Real Estate Professional 🦀 SU2C Ambassador 🥑 Alkaline Living 🌎 Global Citizen 👸🏼 Princess 💡Global Thinker 🍷Wine Taster IM THE MARKETING GODDESS | INNOVATIVE MARKETING IS IN OUR NAME One of my clients was teasing me one day and called me this and it's stuck ever since! I love all things Social Media! It's fun and I'm good at it. I've increased engagement more than 10x across multiple platforms on my personal Social Media and Brand. IM: Innovative Marketing is in our name. If you're ready to do something new and different you've come to the right place! Everything we do at The Marketing Goddess is tailored around the best fit for you, so you walk away with the best Marketing Plan, Branding, and Social Media strategy that fits your needs. We will assist you in developing a marketing domination position and a unique selling proposition. These two important strategies will distinguish you from your competitors, reduce touch points and provide you leads, conversions, transactions and increase revenue. ❤️ Social Media Management 📈 Marketing & Advertising 🎙Public Relations/ Publicist & Publicity 💵Brand Strategist & Management 🔻ClickFunnels ⚙️ Funnel Hacker 📝 Lead Generation 🖋Copywriting 👩🏼‍💻 Graphic Design 🔗 🚨Featured @ThriveGlobal 😎 #10 Ranked Top Raleigh, NC Influencer —> 🎥 The Inside Divide: Beyond The Subconscious Scene Trailer —> 🎬 Follow me on YouTube —> 📲 Join my Community —> 🤳Text me: +1 (919) 568-5711 to connect ▪️Anti-Stalking Advocate ▪️Women’s Abuse Advocate ▪️ Women’s Abuse Awareness ▪️Domestic Violence Survivor Advocate The National Domestic Violence Hotline provides 24x7 crisis intervention, safety planning, and information on domestic violence 800.799.7233 🎙 Founder of Triangulation to TRIUMPH! 🎙 Founder of Go Goddess 🎙 Founder & Host of “Freeze Frame” every Monday and Wednesday at 1:30pm EST ================================== 🖲 Follow me if we like the same things 🔔 Click the bell for room notifications ↘️ Connect with me on IG ⬇️