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Tyneise Seaborough




🔥 A Dangerous Daughter of the King l Apostolic Reformer l Prayer General l Chief Mobilizer of the Lord’s Army l🎙Podcaster l📚 6x’s Amazon Bestselling Author l Serial entrepreneur l 🤰🏾Breather of Life into Wombs Summits: 🌟Host of Writing Your Bestselling Nonfiction Book Summit 🌟Host of the Annual Fertility Summit My books: 📚Breaking the Poverty Mindset 📚The Spirit of Forgetfulness: Praying for Your Loved Ones Diagnosed with Dementia 📚Pride: A New Kind of Leprosy 📚 The 7 Day Fast & Detox for Wombs: Preparing Your Body for Your Baby 📚Journal for the infertile woman: Wombs coming alive through the word of God 📚Hope for autism: 10 practical solutions to everyday challenges 📚The biology of a word from God Book Collaboration 📚Called to Intercede: Volume 1 📚Called to Intercede: Volume 6 📚Called to Intercede Volume 7 📚When You Have a Dream: 30 Days of Devotions to Empower the Dreamer in You 💍 Wife. 👩‍👧Mom. ✝️ I love God. 🧸Occupational Therapist. Interests/Hobbies: 🥦 Gardening. 💙Autism. 💔Miscarriage. 💔Infertility. 🤰🏾 Breathing life into wombs. 📚Books. Marketing. 📣PR. 🛍Shopping Rooms hosted on Clubhouse: 🏅Winning as an Introvert ⚡️Operating in the Supernatural