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Do you have an idea for a 🎥film? Do you have an idea for a 🎭stage play? ✅ DM me “I WANT TO WRITE” for a free creative content consultation. 💥I support mothers and those in parenting roles on how successfully parent while pursuing their passions and fulfilling their purpose. 👇🏾 ‼️ New Book Alert‼️ “The 3 P’s: Passion, Purpose, and Parenting” Purchase here👇🏾 Linktree: ⭐️ #1 Script Writing Coach in the Mid-South - ISTAGE Writing Formula Masterclass Coach (From Page to Stage ®) ⭐️ Mompreneur ⭐️ CEO of Vibranium Media Group , LLC ⭐️Award winning filmmaker ⭐️ Award winning playwright ⭐️Published Author ⭐️ Director ⭐️ Breast cancer survivor💕 ⭐️ Creator of Iyanu Organics- an organic hair care brand 🇲🇦 Published Author: Pink HOPE and the HOPE Leaders Connect or Book a call with me: Register for my class: Owner of Vibranium Media Group, a content creation company. Welcome to #VibraniumMediaGroup Throughout history, the arts and entertainment industry have been a catalysts for change, by being a provocateur of sorts. VibraniumMedia Group's vision is to bring viable, relevant and much needed stories to the public at large, with the intent to provoke thinking, entertain, and inspire dialogue on key issues and concerns in our society. As we UNITE we EMPOWER and freely CREATE, while giving birth to an era of greater self-sufficiency!!! #vibraniummediagroup #blackfemaleowned #blackfemaleoperated #contentcreator #filmmaker #producer #writer #awardwinning #DominationInProgress #moretocome