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Kate Pintor




Speaker/Serial Founder/Trainer & Coach 🌈co-founder matchmaker #intothelookingglass Synergist, California Tao Quantum Tao Institute, Master Coach + Facilitator Co-Founder + Moderator ☯️Tao Club 🌱Wisdom Emerging Community 🎳 Interactive Brands Consult: Gallup Strengths, People Acuity, (over 10,000 hours) 🦄 Marketing Exec Producer VR, Wisdompreneurs 🐚 Retreats for Success Recovery 🗝Former Marketing Board Chair/Conscious Capitalism Bay Area 👁Founder, Into the Looking Glass ✨Advisor, TrueSelfBabe ❤️Former Advisor, Society for Social Health 🏳️‍🌈Mom ☕️ [email protected] Fun fact: I designed the event marketing strategy including the FaxBlitz for the announcement of the very first CD-R. You’re welcome. 🎙Available Guest: -You Are Enough: Strengths & Weakness as Accelerators -Leading from the Genius Zone -Neurodivergent Leadership -Deconstructing Toxic Religion -🎙👩🏻‍🦽Speaker: Healing Everything with Entrepreneurship | 💰📈 -CRPS/RSD Advocate “The People Whisperer” (3w2- Connectedness Strategic Individualization Arranger Maximizer)