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Get my FREE course “Find Your Niche” 🔥NURSE TURNED MARKETING STRATEGIST🔥 ⭐️ I stopped being a perfectionist and just started doing the thing! YOU CAN TOO! ⭐️ Let me show you how to face your fears and do the things on social media fearless!! 💕Keto Community has Saved My Life 💕 💕Mom Link Trailblazer 💕 Building my dreams while helping others implement a foundation in their business! 🤖Ask me how to use AI to advance your company, career, or outcomes! 🔥🙌✨🌟 Help small businesses implement policy and operating procedures in there organizations. Disabled Nurse, Wife, and Proud Mom of adult daughter. Anyone can take their past experiences and reinvent themselves. Follow the three Cs Commitment, Consistency, & Collaboration! 🌟🌟🌟Building an organization to support my dream while providing others guidance implementing the things to help their business grow!🌟🌟🌟 #selfcare equals caring for others! Born in New York … Raised in Florida … Returned to New York where I settled and created my family. Open to other’s views and knowledge while improving on my own. Retraining the brain 🧠 NEUROPLASTICITY ❤️Falling in love with my husband over & over again! Married 32 wonderful years!❤️ 🛩 Looking for that next new adventure together! Excited to see where it takes our family! Miracles happen everyday but goals are only dreams unless you put action steps behind them! While working as a nurse for 27 years, specialized in: ICU Emergency Medicine Transitioned to: Addiction Medicine Mental Health Substance Abuse CBT, Meeting others where their at Treating the outliers Preventative Care is better than putting the fire 🔥 out My history is in managing and directing a long-term residential treatment program and I specialized in development of policy and the implementation of required State regulations. Rest easy to the one man I will always think of as the best boss and 1st mentor Using 🅚︎🅔︎🅣︎🅞︎ 🅛︎🅘︎🅕︎🅔︎🅢︎🅣︎🅨︎🅛︎🅔︎ to treat and overcome obstacles after failed back surgery. Food addiction does exist. Keto Saved My Life Keto 4 the Soul PROUD MEMBER OF LEADERSHIP ON DEMAND! TM HYMAN TODAY’S MENTOR 12 Qualities of Leadership⭐⭐⭐ EXCELLENCE OBJECTIVITY INNOVATION PERSISTENCE COMMUNICATION INSPIRATION CARING SENSITIVITY RECEPTIVE LISTENING FORTHRIGHTNESS EFFECTIVE CONFLICT RESOLUTION EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT #Fearlessmediamarketing