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Ria Taylor




🌱Vegan content creator on instagram🌱 🌱I love reviewing vegan products, and letting everyone know what’s new in the world of veganism. How to shop vegan on a budget and so much more. Message me on Instagram if you have any questions🌱 🌱Tiktoker @TriniVegan.🌱 Born and raised in Trinidad. 🇹🇹 Currently in MD 🇺🇸 Watch Seaspiracy on Netflix Watch Game Changers on Netflix Watch What The Health on Netflix. Watch Dominion on YouTube. Tap into John Lewis (aka @badassvegan) for his film They’re Trying To Kill Us! Read up on Dr. Sebi Dr. Milton Mills Blue Zones Check out Diary of a mad vegan on Instagram. Check out Tabitha Brown on instagram Check out Badass Vegan on Instagram Check out Sweet Simple Vegan, High Carb Hannah, Sweet Potato Soul, What’s Good Berto, Vegan Bodega Cat and The Vegan Zombie. Vegan food makes me happy. Whole plant based, junk food or raw. I love them all. 🥦🍇🍎🍱🥟🍕🌮🍟. I love 🥾 🎾 🎬 🎮 🎧 🐶 🏖 A baby YouTuber. I have a few clips of the things I enjoy most.