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Trinity The Director




Filmmaker, Artist, Spiritual Explorer My words below- Civilization is the attempt to keep the good times rolling while insuring the bad times stick around. Different kinds of mind altering imagery. Entrapments mirrors of narcissistic fascination. The body is need, The heart says, “I want it now.” “I know. I know” says the mind, “but tomorrow is the proper time. “ Heart tantrums “tomorrow is a made up thing, now is the time The mind replies, “then the now that waits in the pregnant today, will arrive tomorrow at its birth.” “Yes, yes” says heart, “but tomorrow it will hurt, and yesterday was better, but now is the only time I am.” The mind nods to the heart. For the mind remembers the heart when sad. The heart remembers the sadness, but the mind remembers the when. “Very well let’s talk about the how of it. “ The soul laughs at how the mind distracts, “I am so glad to have you with in me,” soul remembers all of their futures like they were yesterdays. I am the Eye of the storm, I move where I feel calm and calm is where I am. The winds may rage but I walk in the peace. Acknowledging the storm requires that I help, I help better from the peace of calm. That way I can cast lines to those around me and bring them to peace. My presence in a room is not a indication I agree. I am just interested in ideas. On YouTube as @TrinityTheDirector