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Trey Mathis




✊🏾 Are you a WARRIOR or a worrier.....? Well come on ....Let’s fail our way to success shall we...🤝🤝🤝🤝 Email: [email protected] (wholesaling) [email protected] (Buy n hold) [email protected] (personal) (478)318-5016(cell) Partnering with Seastones Real Estate LLC (Wholesaling) Central Georgia stand up!!! Dreamers stand up!!!! If you’re reading this stand up!!!! I’m a buy and hold investor ( with an acute focus on the BRRRR strategy > Buy> Rehab>Rent>Refinance >Repeat!!!!!) but determined to learn as much about all things real estate until i take my last breath. Presently I’m focused on wholesaling as a means to an end to reach my end game. Currently formed a partnership with the founder of Seastones Real Estate LLC (shout out to Tasha Sterling). Im also a full time worker, so the goal is to get free from the 9-5 and dedicate my life to this dream. I’m always willing to help others who are grinding like myself, so if I can help out please let me know. Shout out to anyone else chasing the dream, I don’t know you yet but I already love you for being brave enough to chase your dream.