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Trevor Nagle




🎥TV & Film Actor 🎞Known for......13 Reasons Why, SWIM, Near Enemies, How to Successfully Fail in Hollywood, E.14.....and 30+ indie feature, new media, and short films over the past 3+ years. Commercial credits, as well. Fluent in English and Russian Representation: Manager: Five Star Talent Management (LA/ATL/NYC) Agent: Tiffin Creative Talent (Los Angeles) Agent: Kit International Talent (Bay Area) *Willing to work domestically and globally Los Angeles — Bay Area — Atlanta Currently in Development (Producer): 📽THE GIRL, MAURA BUND. Southern Gothic Horror. 🪖Military veteran (Army and Navy) 🇺🇸, former college professor (I/O Psychology) 👨‍🏫Ph.D. researcher🔬 on military issues, and reformed corporate soul. 🪂Skydiver. 🤿Scuba diver. 🎒Backpacker. 🧳Traveler. Life adventurer! Most importantly...👨‍👧‍👦Proud father of two incredible daughters!!