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Trevor#1 - Entrepreneur 🇺🇸 CEO of American Pet Works 🐕 🎥ScanShop-3D 🧲 Compel 🐩 BuddyRest💤 🐕Natural Doggie🍃 🦮Tough Pup🪖 🦮PupIQ💡 🐕‍🦺🐾 I manufacture and distribute the world’s best pet products. I can make world class products for you too! I take your products into 3D/AR/MetaVerse TECH 🎥ScanShop-3D eCommerce We create high def 3D models that brands use to sell more online! 🧲 Compel-experiential eCommerce We help brands amazing and delight customers through amazing user experiences and optimization. An OG founder of the Entrepreneurs and Leaders Club™️💡💼 AKA- Trevor #1 AKA- Lord Trevar Other Factoids -🏆World Branding Award Winner -💫TechStars eCommerce Mentor -🔫Straight shooter -👑A Scottish Lord (Laird)🤣 -🌎World explorer -🐾Senior dog advocate Here to help, listen and learn. That is what fills my ☕️ Interested in discussing 3D, eCommerce, A/R, Entrepreneurship, startups, marketing and all things dogs. Find Me On Insta!