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Trena Bolden Fields




Business Strategist Certified Coach Founder of the You Are Worthy Summit Hi There! I am a best-selling author and business strategist for educators turned consultants. I help my clients create six figure businesses through coaching and marketing strategies. Want to learn more? Let’s have a conversation. Book a Call - 🙌🏾 Connector + 🎗Empathizer + ☕️ Relator + 🎆Developer (I cultivate the potential in others) Open to collaborate and co-moderate rooms. Topics I coach and speak on: - Change/Transformation - Vision - Marketing, strategies and research - How to Generate Six Figures - Create and Cultivate Your Vision - Living on Purpose - Claim Your Worth - Move Beyond Barriers - Shifting Limiting Beliefs - Discover and Align Your Values - Breakthrough to Your Success - Live, lead and leave a legacy #live #lead #legacy #itallbeginswithyou #liveyourcreativedreams 🕯Certified Life Coach ✍🏾Writer 📈 Content Creator/Marketing Strategist ⚖️ Supporter of DEI work/former DEI Consultant 🎭 Actor 📝MFA in Creative Writing 📚MA in Educational Psychology, Counseling 🎭BA Theatre Arts and Mass Communications 🌍Multilingual 📍Expat 97578 25796 Join me at the You Are Worthy Summit- 🔥