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Tre Mosley




Voice Actor/ VO Coach/PA Announcer. Husband. BBQ Grill Master Supreme. Heard in Madden 20/21 in SuperstarKO as DJ Tre Mo. Voiced several characters in The Creatives, an animated short from jazz saxophonist Marcus Anderson. Promo voice for- πŸŽ™ABC News πŸŽ™CNN πŸŽ™ Smithsonian Channel πŸŽ™ MLB πŸŽ™ NASCAR (2019-2020 season) πŸŽ™ HBO/HBO Max πŸŽ™ NBA πŸŽ™ National Geographic πŸŽ™ ESPN πŸŽ™ Cartoon Network πŸŽ™ Comedy Central πŸŽ™ HLN Narrator-Television and Corporate: πŸŽ™ ESPN (Big Blue in The Bahamas, The πŸŽ™ Basketball Tournament) πŸŽ™ MLB (opening day 2020) πŸŽ™ Pfizer πŸŽ™ Las Vegas Raiders πŸŽ™ Ernst and Young πŸŽ™ Daystar Network πŸŽ™ Twitch Prime Cup πŸŽ™ Highmark Health I’ve worked with many brands on TV and radio including: πŸŽ™ Lowe’s πŸŽ™ Jeep πŸŽ™ LA Clippers πŸŽ™ DC Lottery πŸŽ™ EA Sports πŸŽ™ Baltimore National Aquarium πŸŽ™ Georgia Power πŸŽ™ Louisiana Lottery πŸŽ™ McDonald’s πŸŽ™ Pandora πŸŽ™ IHeart Radio πŸŽ™ Doordash πŸŽ™ Sweet Baby Ray’s Currently developing my own animated series called The Chronicles of Jack Ross: The Specialist. We’re looking for writers who specialize in action. Visit Forex/Crypto accounts will be deleted!!! For business or coaching inquiries- [email protected] or [email protected] πŸ’» at Repped by Atlas Jason Marks