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professionally, i spread positivity & connect humans to opportunities personally, don’t come over here with all that negative shxt ———— Philanthro-Spiritualist Published Poet/Rapper DJ-Event Planner Stylist / Model Real Estate / Crypto Investor Home Chef / Farmer Creative Curator ....I can keep going, but I’d rather you just tap in 🖤 [ CEO OF ] @trapmomlaydi | @officiallaydi @rsvpentry @eswverified @noelskloset @grannysplates @traprhythm @blaqology —————— [MODERATOR OF] STARTING FALL 2025: - #IFIDONTMAKEITTOHEAVEN PODCAST - #THETRAP: business tips & job/gig board - #RSVPËNTRY: events, casting calls, & live art shows networking w/Heavy Hitters) nicknames #trapmom #theextension #jade