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Tracey Becca




✨Artist | Visual Storyteller | Comedy Funfluencer ✨ ✨Featured On Clubhouse TownHall and Clubhouse HQ! ✨Art Basel Miami 2024 Artist 🌴 🌴 🛌 If you see me on Clubhouse after I said I was going to sleep, I wasn’t lying to you, I was lying to myself. 💋💋💋 🤭 Love to giggle was turned into an NFT and sent to Elon Musk. ✳️ I moderate rooms about: Comedy • Art • Spirituality • Community • Silliness • Stage Squatting ✨ I am here to spread LOVE, LIGHT, and LAUGHTER ✌🏻✨ Dearest Trolls: I don’t know you. You don’t know me. I can be a mother f***er. Unfollow me, Princesses. 💀