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Tony Payton Jr.




🪴Cannabis entrepreneur(cultivation) Some retail select states 🤵🏾‍♂️Former PA State Legislator 2006-2012 Vertical Farming Enthusiast Philly native Focused on cultivation operational in 1 jurisdiction in the US currently. Licensed for cultivation and dispensary in NJ+ CT cultivation internationally as of July 2022🇦🇺 Building Out facilities is my life right now 🗣Talk to me about cannabis, start ups, vertical farming, real estate and politics. 🇦🇺Lived in Australia for two years 2017-2019 Based in Philly lots of experience in many areas find more at Jeremiah’s Dad and Janel’s Husband. Building something special focused on the science of the cannabis plant 🌱 Old Millennial 😂😂😂