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Tony Lloyd




Disabled artist, poet and friend. CSA Survivor. Covert torture, stalking and harassment survivor. Autistic and Proud. Mobility Impaired. Energy Impaired. I am Just as Human Look at me, Look at you. You are Human. I am too. We may be different, We may have different needs. I deserve as much respect as you Though we move or think at different speeds Though I am disabled, Though you are not, I am just as Human You may have forgot About how to treat me As equal, deserving Of rights and respect Of love and of caring, I am not less, You are not more - We are both human With gifts and flaws I am just another person I have needs and rights and dreams I am truly fully human With all that is and all that means. So treat me not with less respect Treat me not with hate or contempt I deserve as much from life as you We may be different but I am human too. Tony Demoncy 11/09/2020 I Am Me I am human, I am animal, mammal. I carry the blood of the seas in my veins. I was a fish, a worm, a bacteria floating in a soup of primordial nutrients. I am a thought, an emotion, a rising and falling breath. I am hope and despair. I am love and distaste, joy and sadness. I am a whisper, a shout, a cry of passion. I am laughter, I am tears, I am the dust of stars fallen into accretion. I am the earth, the sky, the stars. I am wisps of hydrogen yearning to be born as new stars. I am poetry, I am art, I am song, I am science. I am love, I am hope. I am me. 01/08/2020 Tony Demoncy Remember you're Unique I'm the only one who's unique like me I'm the only one who can ever be So as you live with the joy and strive with the strife Through the varied hues that you call your life Remember that you are the unique you In becoming yourself you must be true As you meander the world and meander through life Through the joys and the sorrows, through rapture and strife Being yourself is how you must be Whether you're just beginning or one hundred and three. So learn to be true to your own inner soul Becoming your you is a most worthy goal. Tony Demoncy 29/09/2016