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friends From 🪐 but home is 🌍 Pronouns: Goddess/Queen/Your Highness If you can’t add value, stay on mute. If the app isn’t adding value, delete it. 🧠 Sapiosexual -Architect/INTJ-T 🖤 Self Care Practitioner 🦪 Foodie 🤸🏾‍♀️ Pole Dance Enthusiast 🔐 Key Holder 🍆 Pegging Enthusiast 🌍 World Traveler 📝 Writer 🍞 Baker of All Things Sweet 🪴 House Plant Lover 💵 Novice Trader 🪄 Magickal Being 🃏 UNO! ID: 3407561663732 👾 Pokémon Go Trainer Code: 6096 0633 3089 💪🏾 MFP: ton3y3000 IG: ton3y3000 CashApp: $ToneyElectra Heavy reader: Books, Dissertations, Scripts, and Magazines. Looking for a good book club. Just bc I don’t respond to your passive aggressive comments doesn’t mean it went over my head. I just think responding to most of you is a waste of energy and air. I admire your boldness while telling 1/2 truths. It is better to be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. -Grandpa Belafonte