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𓂀 Tomo ThaGawd 𓂀




🥀 ♍️🌞 ♈️ 🌚 ♈️⬆️. 𓅓 𓆙 𓂻 𓀿 Radical RevolutionaryExtremist🥷🏾👰🏾‍♀️Wallahi ThaCombativeGawd GAWD=GeniusAroundWickedDeception You will need a Map just to read my mind. I’m into metaphysics pertaining to nature and reality.I love Bio Geometric science ♾⚧🌐💠🌀⚛️💗🧬. Manifesting my own. I use Islam ☪️ as a structural way to govern my life. Im highly spiritual. Science is found in all religions. Decipher on your own. Positive auras is all I need in my circles. Cosmetic energy astrology. Leveling in life’s false reality sold to us. Originally from Washington DC 49th. Mechanical Rigging Engineer.📍Charlotte. YouTube Sneaker Blogger. Search “Tomothagawd” on Apple Music and YouTube.