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FROM COUNCIL ESTATE TO PORTFOLIO LANDLORD. NOT SELLING ANY COURSES✅ _________________________________ ✳️MODERATOR/HOST OF ⬇️ ✅- PROPERTY/BUILDING CHAT-“THE 🥛&2 SUGARS SHOW” 📆- MON & FRI ⏰- 7PM GMT ✅ PROPERTY FOR DUMMIES 📆- SAT ⏰- 8PM GMT ❇️CLICK THE 🔔 TO SEE WHEN WE ARE SPEAKING.....☝🏼ALWAYS 📍STAFFORDSHIRE, WEST MIDS ———————————————— Husband and wife passionate about property and all things investing. Here to learn and help others in the property network. ———————————————— 🏠 Co-founder @CPE Lettings 🏘 Portfolio Landlord-13 properties Commercial/Residential/HMO 🔌Director @CPC Electrical Contractors ⌚️Watch Lover ❤️ ———————————————— 📈📉Specialising in BRRR transforming unloved houses to affordable homes.