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Scott Tolen




My mission is to raise awareness for the aging disability community to move their body so they don't lose their independence by having their mobility dramatically reduced. Sharing my mission by racing in cycling events and marathons to show that if I can move so can they. Here is the gofundme page: and help me to raise the funds to obtain a competitive handcycle so I can share my mission. Thank you for your support and please share. My objective is to seek out opportunities where I can offer my skills and knowledge in a collaborative environment. I am a highly skilled technology professional able to meet obstacles to service your business, non-profits, and personal technology needs. I have strong a Sales skill set that allows me to work effectively with various groups and organizations at all levels within the Technology field. Moreover, being a highly organized and detailed oriented person gives me the competitive edge to manage multiple projects to meet strict deadlines. Please back channel me for more information.