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⭐️My mission and vision on Clubhouse is to Encourage, Support and Inspire others with my property journey ⭐️Follow my Instagram page below and send me the word “mentor” to benefit from free mentorship, free 1-2-1 and recorded property materials. ⭐️I am a UK Real Estate investor & mentor with over 20 years experience. ⭐️I invest in Real Estate using the following strategies : BTL, BTF, BRRR, to make money from property in UK. ⭐️I have supported and enabled 72 mentees to buy properties in the UK between 2020/23 through my guidance and supervision as a mentor. ⭐️Scroll to the bottom of my profile to listen to a few of my rooms which were recorded 🗣🗣 ⭐️Dm me the word “Checklist” on my Instagram to get a free copy of a property buyers checklist 📖📖 ⭐️Don’t Wait 2 Buy Real Estate, Buy Real Estate And Wait 💰🏡💰🏡 ⭐️Please think twice before pinging me into a room, does the room match my aspiration, drive, passion and ambition 🤔🤔 ⭐️Follow my Instagram page below: 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽