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Todd McLees




Solving the Skills and Equity Gaps through a network of Innovation Outposts to produce >$1B of skills-based talent = meaningful work and improved career trajectories for 20,000 people, >80% from underserved communities. Managing Partner @ Innovation Outpost • Harvard Business Review Contributor • Higher Education Innovation Researcher • Future of Learning, Organizations, and Work • Experiential Learning x Social Impact Projects • Lifting Up Underserved Communities • Digital + Human Transformation Let’s Connect on LinkedIn! 👉🏼 We create scalable learning networks that are disruptive, inclusive, and focused on the skills we need to thrive now and in the Future of Work. Innovation Outpost stakeholders include Higher Ed, Industry Partners, NGOs, and a curated community of extraordinary thought leaders and subject matter experts. ✍️ | “STEM+: Human Skills” 👷‍♂️ | Building Global Career Accelerators —————————————— Always willing to learn and contribute to topics like: • Industry 4.0 • Extraordinary Learning Experiences • Learning and Innovation Accelerators • Systemic Reskilling + Upskilling • Building Regional Cultures of Innovation • Unleashing Human Potential • Stackable Micro-Credentialing • Long-Life Learning Strategies • Intergenerational Learning 📍🇺🇸 Texas (60:40) Wisconsin