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Question: Do you know how to own your IDENTITY BLUEPRINT? ✊🏾We’ll meet Toccara as she is known as “The Identity Architect” as she works with Christian female entrepreneurs to discover what’s in their vault to unlock their personal and marketplace identity by using powerful insight, discernment, and sensitivity! She specializes in consulting clients to build books, businesses, brands, and themselves! As the President of VOS Consulting and Publishing International Toccara and her team create, cultivate, and launch authors, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants into position to monetize their genius through published works. Needing a free 30 min “Ah-Ha Session” to jump kick you in the right direction with your business, concept, or book project? 👉🏾👉🏾 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 Who is Toccara Nicole? 🏗 Identity Architect 📚 Publisher 💼 Business and Concept Strategist 💻 Content Creator 📖 2X Amazon Best Seller Author 🗣 Empowerment Speaker 🎓 Honorary Doctoral Degree 18’ 🌎 Global Mentor to Women 🎤 Podcaster 🎙 Virtual Talk Show Creator & Host ✍🏾 10X Published Author 🙏🏾 Worshipper 💪🏾 Domestic Violence Survivor💜 😯 4th out of 22 children 📍 Chicago 💕 Pizza and Grapes ❤️ Networking ———————————————— 🔥Looking to Co-Moderate Rooms ✳️Identity, Vision, and Purpose ✳️Concept Development ✳️Book Development and Coaching ✳️Starting a Business ✳️Podcasting ✳️Content Creation ✳️Women Empowerment The creator of “Vault Talks, Women Share” which is a virtual talk show that allows for women to come together to learn more and share more about matters which pertain within their world! Catch myself and my co-hosts, live every Thursday night 7pm CST on our YouTube Channel or head to the Facebook Page. The link is below. What’s your V.I.P. status? Vision + Identity = Purpose ~Toccara Nicole Knowing who you are allows for you to become a GAME-CHANGER! ~Toccara Nicole 👩‍💻 📧 [email protected] 💻 💻 💰$ms2cara