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Toby Darbyshire




🎢 Serial Founder 🎙MOD #kleptocracy #FounderStories 💱 Angel Investor ⬇️ 🎢 Two-Time Founder (chair & co-founder of, ex co-founder & CEO of sold in 2015 to world’s biggest solar company to be basis for IKEA Solar) 🎙MOD of #kleptocracy - weekly show where two (fairly ignorant) entrepreneurs grill some of society’s big thinkers on the challenges we face & ideas to fix them. 🎙MOD of #FounderStories. Talking live to 2x world class founders every week on overcoming their biggest leadership challenges 💱 Active Angel Investor in pre-series A consumer businesses in US & UK ✍️ Writing first book (lessons from 12 years as a CEO and countless - literally countless - mistakes) 🤞Also trying to grow a decent man bun