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💝Voluntourism -Service &Safari 🇹🇿Non Profit Founder:Patchworks 💗 🎁Bringing Supplies & People to uplift Teachers In Tanzania 🇹🇿 🥰I BELIEVE 🤩 Anything IS possible! *Education is Key to Greatness *Open minds Uplift Us All *Actions Speak Louder Than Words *Anything IS Possible 2024 Goal: Raise $20,000 to bring with me to Tanzania 🇹🇿 to buy shoes, rice, soap, cooking oil and electricity for Kiki Hope Orphanage and Moshi Kids Center 2023 Goal: Achieved !Bring 5 people (Bringing 6 June 2024!)with me to Tanzania to support the Kili Hope Orphanage. Bring content and curriculum to the teachers of Moshi, Tanzania 🇹🇿 2022 Goal: Achieved on July 2022 🔥Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro 🗻with Sean Swarner to Kick Cancers Butt!!! 💗Founder of 🌅Uplift A space for Entrepreneurs to connect To Level Up and Building Strategic Alliances 📈 All about Helping... Business Builders GO From... 😥Stressed for Time>>> 😎Time 😕Confusion>>> 🪜Action Steps 😝Stuck in place >>>⬆️📈Level UP ✅Proud Gary Coin Holder- 082758 Looking for... ☯️ Analytical, organizational, practical, detail oriented- I’m Interested in biz partnerships 🌺DM me Let’s Connect🌺 🥰Self Care is 🔑 🌻 Growth Is Greatness 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Maine Email me- [email protected] PayPal.Me/TiffanyJones852 🌺💗DM “Clubhouse” Learn more! 💗