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Tim Taylor




💯Personal Credit Score Improvement Consultant 💪🏿 I’ve helped over 8k clients to improve there scores to over 750+👀with my 8 years🙏🏿in the industry. Also I’m a dispute strategist that helped over 450 credit score company💳to improve there turnaround times for there clients in 6 months or less LEGALLY💯 🗣21 year army veteran👈🏿 🗣Credit repair coach👈🏿 🗣👈🏿 🗣FICO expert👈🏿 🗣757-231-5888👈🏿 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️On Google and Facebook👈🏿 💳 Over 400 legal Tradelines👈🏿 Add me on Face📘: Tim “Get Right” Taylor. Email: [email protected] 👉🏿FCRA CERTIFIED💯 👉🏿FDCPA CERTIFIED💯 👉🏿FICO CERTIFIED💯 👉🏿LINKTREE-PATHTO700 👉🏿ZELLE —> [email protected]👉🏿NOTARY 💯 👉🏿FREE CREDIT ANALYZER💯 👉🏿TEXT 7572315888 FOR IDENTITY IQ SCORECATER REPORT💯 ✊🏿