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Tim G.




Marketing doesn’t stop! Can this be true? Here’s the simple fact that makes it so. If you sell a product or a service… you ARE a marketer! You have to be. Why? Sales WILL stop (or slow to a trickle) if you don’t get a handle on what makes YOUR Marketing work harder… and smarter! ! Let’s talk about what’s working and what’s NOT working... and why. 📍Co-Founder and CMO of Strategy 1st, a digital marketing agency. Y Direct Response Copywriter and Digital Marketing Consultant. VSL specialist. I can write anything. Very well. 📍ASK Method (Surveys & Market Segmentation) Certified Associate 📍Certified ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ Coach 📍All-Around, All-Media, Regional, National and Globally Experienced Marketing Guy. Yep. I can help you too! _____________________________________ “Tim's work is engaging customers in new emotional ways, and bringing our business great results.” Doggy Dan & Graeme Taylor / The Online Dog Trainer.” _________________________ 📍Author / Creator: The Small Business marketing course: ‘Mind Your Message:’ Because Your Message IS Your Business